Silicone and colour rendering in gloucestershire

At MG Plastering, we specialise in the application of any silicone or colour render on properties in Gloucestershire. Rendering helps to protect your property from weather damage and from water ingress. It can also be highly attractive in appearance if applied correctly or it can be used to create a smooth surface that can then be further decorated upon.


Benefits of Silicone Rendering in Gloucestershire

Silicone rendering (also spelt ‘silicon’) has a thin coat finish but is also unrivalled in its breathability and vapour permeability. This means that it is a highly useful rendering technique in areas that have a high amount of rainfall. By allowing water vapour to escape, silicone render helps to prevent any damp. At MG Plastering, we are specialists in providing a silicone render to your home and can advise you on how best to keep your render well maintained. 

Silicone is a hydrophobic material. This means that it will repel any water, leaving the surface clean as any rain-water will simply run off the material. As such, if you live in an area that has a lot of trees or plant-life, a silicone render will help to protect your property from all of the excess moisture generated by the surrounding foliage. 

Silicone rendering must be applied during dry weather. This is due to the fact that silicone needs a couple of days to set. However, once it is properly set, your silicone render should be maintenance free for over 10 years. 


Benefits of Coloured Rendering in Gloucestershire

Coloured rendering is a highly popular rendering choice made by homeowners throughout the UK. A render can be almost any colour that you want as the pigment can be mixed with the render material. 

The main advantage of using a coloured render is that it provides a unique and attractive appearance to your property. Furthermore, another advantage is that coloured render is highly durable. Whereas a wall that has been painted using standard paint will peel and crack over time, by using coloured render you can greatly decrease the amount of maintenance required to keep your home looking attractive all year round!

Coloured rendering is also popular due to the fact that you can use it with a range of rendering techniques. Whether you are wanting silicone, monocouche, acrylic or any other type of render, these can be mixed with pigment to give you the desired look and texture that you want. 


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